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My daughter started the class very attached to me and ending it an independent child with fully formed relationships with other parents and her teacher. It has been great to watch her be able to lead her own learning through play and figure things out for herself. She looks forward to it every day.


Over the past year, my son has grown very attached to this place and its people. He loves his teacher who I respect for her patience and experience. She has a fit personality for working with young children. He looks forward to class each time and misses it whenever school is not in session. CPPP is a very special place and I am grateful to be a part of it.


My daughter is currently in the 2's class, she's thriving, and we love it. We enjoy being part of a group where parents get to participate in their child's education through a play-based setting. Parents are eager to help which is evident by the amazing upkeep of the school. The teachers are so patient, caring, and knowledgeable.


It has been such a wonderful experience for them and for me. The school attracts such a great community. My children love the play-based curriculum and have loved their teachers. There's music, cooking, and science. As well as great field trips to the fire station, farm tours etc.


CPPP's teachers are amazing! They are patient and kind. They allow each child to develop at their own speed. They get to know them as individuals and know their likes and dislikes. They provide stimulating learning environments.


Our year here in the 2's class has been fun filled. My daughter has blossomed into an outgoing, friendly, and independent little girl. I have truly enjoyed getting to know the other parents and teachers here. It's a very warm and nurturing environment.


Teacher Monica is great with the kids (as well as the newbie parents ). You walk in and feel right at home. It's great to be surrounded with other parents that want to be actively involved with what their children are doing in school.


We love this school! My 4-year-old is currently in the Pre-K class and is loving every minute of it. The teacher is incredible, the parents are supportive and fun, and the education she is receiving is exactly what we wanted. The school is adorable, safe, and well maintained. The parents all take ownership in this school and seem to enjoy being involved.


The parent community here is amazing. The teachers are incredible, and I love being a part of my daughters education. She has always been really verbal and active, but her creativity has skyrocketed, and she loves her teachers and her classmates. I'm so so happy we chose this school.


The school is so welcoming with tons of activities to keep our little ones busy. Honestly, the teachers do a wonderful job keeping the kids occupied with learning and having fun from the moment they walk through the door to when it's time to go home. The teachers are also some of the warmest and caring teachers I have ever met.


My girls and I spent 3 full years at CPPP... I had some question about whether or not my girls would be ready or well prepared for Kindergarten and I am happy to report that my girls love and are thriving in their Kinder class. I am not surprised but am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Teacher Sara, Teacher & Director Monica and most recently, 2015, teacher Julie in the 4's class.


“My daughter has attended CPPP since she was close to 3 years old with 2 summer camps until moving on to Kinder. The first summer camp was her first time being in a school, and she was in love with CPPP from day one. She found herself really comfortable and enjoying around teacher Sherrie Rose, parents, and friends. She barely spoke before attending CPPP but her speech progressed very quickly after that. Not to mention her art skills, cognitive skills, and social confidence also improved tremendously. I myself as a parent felt very connected with the teachers and other parents on my work days and school events/ play dates/ field trips before the pandemic hit. CPPP is definitely a great foundation for the family of the little ones.


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