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Parent Participation

Our parent participation preschool is a community of parents, their children, and teachers who work together to provide an enriching learning environment. Each family plays a key role in the planning and operation of the school which ranges from fundraising, maintenance, and member recruitment among others. Parents' involvement in their child's education has shown to be a key factor in his or her long-term success. Under the guidance of certified preschool teachers, parents participate in school days with his/her child. In addition to working with the children, parents are also active in the day-to-day planning and school administration.

Parental involvement includes attendance at class and parent education meetings as well as participating in maintenance and fundraising events. The parent education meetings, often featuring guest speakers, provide parents with resources and parenting strategies as well as provide information about your developing child. Maintenance and fundraising events are key to meeting the physical and financial needs of the school.

Parent participation is a unique feature of a co-operative preschool and has the added benefit of reducing the cost of tuition compared to traditional day care or preschool.

Parent Participation Requirements

  • Tuition: ​ Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. Payments received after the 10th of each month will incur a late fee. Please reference obligations and fines sheet for more information.

  • Preschool and Summer programs: ​ Parent/caregiver works alongside the teacher one regularly scheduled workday per week, arriving promptly15 minutes before class. If absent, arrangements must be made in advance for a qualified substitute who meets the health and background requirements.

  • Support Job: ​ A parent from each family must serve on a committee or hold a board position, attend related meetings and maintain regular communication with committee chair, if applicable. Support job duties must be fulfilled each month, typically requiring 1 – 2 hours per month.

  • Maintenance: ​ 4 hours of maintenance work must be completed by each family per year. Maintenance hours can be fulfilled through regularly scheduled work parties or by an assigned maintenance project.

  •  Fundraising: ​Each family must complete 4 hours of volunteer time toward fundraising per year, fulfill $100 in total,  donate $50 cash or an item with a value of at least $100 toward the silent auction and purchase a minimum of one $40 silent auction ticket.

  • Class and Parent Education Meetings: ​ Orientation and parent education meetings are mandatory. At least one parent is required to attend, either the working or non-working parent. One meeting can be missed. A fee of $25 is assessed for the second missed meeting, $50 for each meeting missed thereafter.

  • Withdrawals: ​In order to receive the last month's tuition, all other requirements for support job, maintenance and fundraising must have been met and all fees paid. In addition, 30-day’s notice must be given. If withdrawal date is within the last two months of school, a six-week resignation notice is required. Tuition must be paid through the 30-day period to the withdrawal date, as well as all outstanding fees and fines. All regularly scheduled workdays must be completed.

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