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Campbell Parents' Participation Preschool's curriculum is based on the Developmental Theory of Early Education. Our teachers plan open-ended and child directed activities that value play and developmentally appropriate activities. We offer each child time for free creative play, time to explore planned activities and time to interact and learn from other children and adults. Our children and adults develop important bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.

We encourage parents to share their special talents. It is from our talented and creative families that many of our activities come from.

Art Experiences

Our open-ended art experiences are important for the development of the child’s small motor skills and spatial concepts. They use self-expression, organizational skills, creativity, sensory exploration and gain self -confidence and develop their creative artistic abilities.

Science Experiences

Learning about the world around them through first-hand experience. Our curriculum follows the seasons and explores what the children see around them. Through observing, comparing, contrasting and classifying nature items we explore what the children see as their world. Gardening is an important part of our school program with the opportunity to experience first-hand the excitement of planting and harvesting plants.  

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play happens in all areas of the school. It is a time when the children break through the walls of reality and pretend to be someone or something different from themselves and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the rolls they have chosen. Dramatic play is an integral part of the developmental learning process allowing children to develop skills such as abstract thinking, literacy, math, and social studies. 

Circle Time

Circle time is an important daily activity. There is so much learning going on during circle time. Music and movement activities give children a time to improve coordination and large motor skills. Games during circle time help children learn to take turns and work together. Singing and dancing to music gives children the opportunity to enjoy music and be creative while learning such important skills. Language skills and self-esteem building are a big part of the circle time curriculum. 

Cooking Experiences

Cooking provides many sensory experiences. While cooking we experience the sense of taste, touch and smell. We provide many cooking experiences where children learn and practice math concepts and build language skills. The experience of creating snacks can also help build self-confidence and encourage new taste experiences.  


Playing in our playground gives the children so many possible experiences. Climbing and playing on our pirate ship gives the children the opportunity to use large motor skills and create an opportunity for dramatic play while developing their social skills. Playing in the sandbox, riding a scooter, playing with water give the children many opportunities for social interaction and sensory exploration. In addition, we have art, science and sensory activities set up for the children to choose as well. 

Field Trips

Class field trips give the children the opportunity to be outside of the classroom to experience the world around them. We tie the field trips to curriculum activities that we have during the month. This gives the children a good opportunity to engage with nature around them as well as experience new things with their class in a different environment. This helps create close bonds with the children.

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