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3 or 4 day program

Support your family before transitioning to kindergarten

Below are the participation details and requirements: 

Participation Requirements

  • For children aged 2.5 - 5 years

  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Friday*/Fri 9:00am - 12:00 pm

  • Teacher: Julie Perry

  • Tuition (fees for 2022-2023): $350 per month for 3 day, $425 per month for the 4 day option

  • Class Material's Fee: $60 ($80 for the 4 day option)

  • Insurance Fee: $30

  • In-class parent participation - one day per week

  • Each parent will be given a support job to carry out outside of school hours to help us maintain the school. 

Developmental Goals of the 3- and 4-Day Program

Each child is a unique person, who will develop at their own maturation level and through their own understanding of the environment (experiences). As a child gains new knowledge she/he combines it with previously learned information. Thus, it is important that a child be able to interact with all of their senses using the various materials in a creative way.

  • Cognitive— the acquiring of knowledge. Language, Vocabulary, Logical Reasoning, Classification, Temporal Relationships, Pre-reading Skills

  • Social— learning to interact with others. Cooperative Play, Empathy, Problem Solving, Symbolic Play, Initiative

  • Physical— is the actual physical movement and control of the body. Motor Skills, Creative Movement, Kinesthetic Sense, Fine Motor Skills

  • Emotional—Positive and Negative Emotions, Positive Expression of Emotions, Impulse Control, Assertiveness, Functional Skills.

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