Located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Campbell, CPPP offers the comfortable environment of a home with the important amenities of a preschool. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor space to explore and play; your child can finger paint on an easel, build castles in the sandbox, read books in a beanbag, or zip around on a tricycle.

Each room in the house has its own personality and purpose:

The Front Room

The front room welcomes children at the start of their day with activities for both play and art. It also serves as a gathering area for snack time.

Book and Science Areas
Updated monthly with new hands on activities, there is always something to see, touch, or examine. The floor pillows and beanbags make the library a cozy space for children to read. The science corner makes it fun to learn about nature, math and science.
Dramatic Playroom

Filled with costumes, accessories, dolls, and a fully stocked play kitchen, the playroom lets your child’s imagination roam freely. It also features a workbench, construction and fire fighter hats, many play tools, and a loft with easy to climb stairs.

Circle Time Room

The largest space in the house, the children gather here for group learning experiences. It is great for social development and creative play through instruction, storytelling, music and dance. It is the place for daily story time, and fun surprises like guest musicians, storytellers, and performers


Our backyard is equipped with play structures and houses, a sandbox, a garden, tables for arts and crafts, water tables, a slide, a fleet of play vehicles, and a giant ship readymade for voyages of the imagination.

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528 Harrison Avenue
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