Director and 3′s Teacher

Monica first came to Campbell Parents Participation Preschool in 1990 as a participating parent. Campbell Parents’ Participation Preschool gave her a great opportunity to be a part of her children’s first school experience. She so strongly believes in the parent participation philosophy that her two boys, both graduates of CPPP, went on to a parent participation elementary school. Monica now brings over 20 years experience working and teaching at parent participation schools.

I believe in a child-centered philosophy, which allows children to learn through play and by exploring the environment at their own developmental pace.

In addition, Monica was a Preschool Teacher for three years and a Director for one and half years for children ages 2 to 5. Monica received a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Chico, and has her Adult Education teaching credential in Parent Education.

Pre-K Teacher

Julie comes to CPPP with over 15 years of experience working with children in play-based programs.  She has an AA degree in Liberal Arts from De Anza College, over 40 units in Early Childhood Education and will have completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development, with an option in Child Development in June of 2013.

Julie was a participating parent at Cupertino Co-op in 1999 and strongly believes that a child’s development is strengthened through a close bond between families and school. Parents and teachers partner together so that we as a team offer a safe, nurturing, learning experience.

Each Child should be recognized as an individual and each child’s development is unique. My job as a teacher is to help foster kindness, respect for others and independence through a fun, enriching learning environment.

2′s Teacher

Sarah has worked with children from infancy through high school in home  and school settings and has also taught parenting classes. She has a Master’s of Science in Education from Walden University in Minnesota and undergraduate degrees in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from San Jose State University and Cañada College. In addition to teaching she also loves gardening, mountain biking, and collecting children’s books.

Children learn through their experiences. Our job as teachers and parents is to provide experiences that result in positive learning. Modeling and Participating with your Child are very important parts of those experiences  as is  knowing when to step back and let your Child take the lead in exploration and discovery. The Parent Participation  Preschool gives parents the opportunity to find the balance between Guiding and Supporting that  works best for each parent and child. The best part is that it all happens through Play!!

Sarah joined the teaching staff in Fall 2011 after a 25 year career as a professional nanny and preschool teacher.  She is a strong advocate for play based environments that provide children opportunities to learn through exploration and discovery.