Our Goals


You can gain some perspective and insight into childhood behaviors by observing a child alone, in relation to other children and adults, and in relation to you and your child.
You can observe the words and tactics used by other parents and teachers as they handle various situations and of course, they are also learning from you.
You can find a greater understanding and enjoyment of your child through active participation in the education process and you may find ideas which are of value at home or in other situations.
If you join the parent board, you may find you have skills and talents which are greatly appreciated.
You can feel reasonably assured that you are part of a group who share common goals for their children and for the kind of educational and social experiences they will have.

Your child will be able to participate in age-appropriate and well-supervised learning and play experience with a same-age group.
The physical set-up of the school, that is the materials, equipment, and supplies are planned for the child’s size and abilities.
Your child has an opportunity to interact with adults other than his/her parents and has a chance to try out behaviors and skills in a nurturing and safe environment. He/she will develop a sense of security and belonging to an extended pre-school family. Friendships develop which may last over many years.
Your child will have opportunities to learn to respect the rights of others and to have their rights respected. They will grow to appreciate the differences of other children and their families. Your child will begin to learn negotiating skills to help him/her relate to others.

Cooperative learning, involving all of us, is our best hope for the future and is a philosophy in which we all share and benefit.